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A group of students at Oakview High School are divided into teams and experiences a series of dreadful and horrific tasks throughout the course of their senior year. A group that calls themselves ¨The Simon Team¨ collects their secrets as blackmail, thus pushing the seniors into a grueling game of Simon Says that showed them what growing up was truly about.

Project Type: Television (An hour)

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He picks up the book. He notices a bookmark in the book that he hasn't seen before. He opens the book, suddenly feeling panicked. He looks at the bookmark, noticing that it has something written on it. It reads ¨Watch Out. -Simon¨. Grayson reads it and the camera pans on his face before the scene fades out, completing the first episode.
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Ok, almighty lion. Let's go.
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task (Simon v.o)
Grayson Handler! Believe it or not, we've been very excited to give you this task. Normally, you're kind of secret requires a lot of work, thinking, and preparation. Lucky for us, however, your brother has been seeing the school counselor to deal with your dad leaving. Your mom hasn't told you that, we're afraid. Sorry to be the barer of tough news. Alex the Great isn't handling daddy's affair very well. According to his file, your brother is the one who first witnessed the affair, is that correct? Well, we have something we need you to do: tell him it's his fault your father left. Don't be sweet about it, either. You need to really commit to this, Gray. Tell him your father would still be in your lives if Alex had just kept his mouth shut. Don't be afraid to cuss a bit. We have high hopes in you, Grayson Handler. Don't let us down. Ps) Make sure you record it and send it to us. We can't say you did your task if we don't have proof! Happy Simon Says.
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Oliver is on his roof, smoking a cigarette and looking at his phone. It shows his phone, where he had sent DANIELLE OWENS an IMessage that said "Can we please talk?" Her contact name is Dani. Below, it is marked as read at 8:48 pm. It shows Oliver looking slightly upset, turning his phone off and leaning back on the roof to look up at the sky. The camera focuses from above, zooming out slightly. The scene transitions.
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I guess when Macbeth decides to kill his king, thinking it'll make him king that much quicker. I personally think MacBeth is an idiot.

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