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Scarlett Coleman is a nightmare with designer clothes. She would do anything to prove to her fellow peers that she isn´t a phony--even when she completely is. Simon helps Scarlett keep her lying streak.

Project Type: Television (An hour)

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INT. int. mall SHOE STORE -- later/night
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mr. bhatti
Behave today, Bhishma. Come home early, your mother is cooking dinner.
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Then, she hits the back button and clicks to start a new podcast. She turns on her microphone and puts on her headsets. She presses record.
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Her face changes emotion then. Instead of looking sad, she becomes completely hardened. Her features look stoic. You can see her big up her purse and take out her make-up. She begins to apply her make up again, fixing her face to how it was before. This foreshadows her double-sided personality. When she's done re-applying her make up, she smiles at herself in the mirror. She blows a kiss at herself and winks. She puts her shoes back on.
hannahelliott1998 edited dialogue in "Scene 1 -- Scarlett Coleman" a year ago. more
Right, Scarlett Coleman can´t be in a relationship until she finds someone who can match her maturity. Let me guess, penis jokes?

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