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Charlie Greene has always been in her twin brother's shadow. Her life has become a boring cycle of school work and covering up for Ben's recklessness; however, Simon knows the truth and they have a plan for her.

Project Type: Television (An hour)

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(thinking about it for a second)
I do.
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Sophia looks at him and smiles weakly before nodding. He accepts the answer and looks back at his phone. She looks back in the direction Ben went one last time before disappearing down the opposite hallway with Grayson. The scene changes.
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math teacher
Oh my god! Alaska, take Charlie to the nurse. Then get her to the principal. I'm sure Mrs. Andrea will want to have a word with her.
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Yeah, Olly, leave her alone.
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Charlie only mumbles in response. Blake watches with Sam as Alaska takes Charlie down the hallway and around the corner. The scene fades out on Blake's face, which looks very sad at everything that was just said and done.

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