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Calquoah added dialogue in "Where's Jim?" on 06/23/2009. Calquoah made 12 other changes. more
Sorry Jim. You're on your own. I vouched for you once, and I was knocked cold. My job does not entail physical harassment and possible concussions. One more person asks me, I'll tell 'im. I'm not as weak as you are.
Fem_la_fangs edited a slugline in "This is your first scene." on 06/23/2009. more
INT. INT: Con's kitchen. con, lady, jim, and barb slouched around a commonplace kitchen table eating quick-fix meals and discussing the day's events. Con seems rather perturbed by the fact that not much progress has been made by his associates pertaining to their current predicament
Calquoah added dialogue in "Where's Jim?" on 06/23/2009. Calquoah made 4 other changes. more
Uh, I, I don't know Ms. Morder. Last I saw, he was in his room with suitcases abound. I couldn't tell ya where he went next.
Fem_la_fangs joined the project! on 06/23/2009. more
Calquoah added a new scene titled "Where's Jim?" on 06/06/2009. Calquoah made 19 other changes. more

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