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A mysterious organization takes several subjects from everyday life and inserts them into a hyper-realistic simulation. All is well, but problems arise as the parameters are pushed: if the test candidates die in the simulation, they will die in real life, and the simulation is beginning to fall apart. Glitches and bugs appear, though subtle, and those with the know-how can exploit them. Most of the people who discover what is really happening choose to keep it a secret and maintain the simulation so they don't spread panic and risk more deaths; others, dubbed as "Hacks," use these exploitable bugs for their own gain within their new reality. The story follows Seth Hayes, a package carrier for a front business. When he gets mixed in with the more shady end of business, he is thrown into a war between gangs and law enforcement. However, this is not for the same goals as in reality. This gang is not a group of criminals, but a Hack faction that wants to escape the simulation. The mostly simulated police aim to kill every Hack, and prevent the knowledge of the slowly deteriorating simulation from spreading. Seth must help his new allies hide their abilities and survive the onslaught of computerized foes.

Project Type: Feature Film (An hour)
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