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In the first episode of Singles Bar, "The Ride," 7 friends find their own way to Scoops, the local bar.

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I don't want my character to be disliked by everyone. I thought Adam was jealous of Dave because Dave was good friends with Annie. In this scene it sounds like Annie hates Dave just as much as Adam. Dave doesn't know of Adam's jealousy. They act like friends when they are around each other, but real awkward when they are alone. They're like George and Elane on Seinfeld.

I think we should all be good friends in this. It's like Mike Betette was saying, the piece will be stronger if we're all on the same page and we're all friends in the same situation.

I like the sex through the wall reference and I like the Fro-yo pun.
SinglesBar joined the project! on 03/20/2008. more
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Dave's door (with mini white board saying "DAVE IS HERE!") opens up immediatly as Annie and Adam walk by, perfectly timed as if Dave had been spying.

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