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The Gang is invited to their neighbors house party and end up stealing a deerskin.

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melgibson edited an action in "Party" on 06/05/2008. melgibson made 64 other changes. more
COREY pets someone he has previous poured serum on who is passed out on the floor. It's meant to be creepy!
RickyDiamond edited a slugline in "Styx montage" on 06/04/2008. more
INT. bathroomnight
melgibson deleted an action in "X-pac and cooking" on 05/21/2008. melgibson made 30 other changes. more
LADY storms out of scene. LUCAS picks up candy and tries a bit, makes appalled face.
melgibson edited dialogue in "X-pac and cooking" on 05/20/2008. melgibson made 8 other changes. more
They must be fed. The ducks are important to my plan. Anyways, the neighbors, the rural gangsters invited us to a party. I think they are getting some kegs or something. Could be worth checking out.
melgibson edited the scene titled "Party" on 05/20/2008. melgibson made 3 other comments and 67 other changes. more

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