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Raven, a suicidal teenager, is saved from finally doing the deed by a girl in a tight skirt, claiming she's the Devil. The girl promises that she'll give Raven the time of her life for six months and only six months. The only catch? After the six months are over, Raven will get her wish--to finally leave this life and follow the girl to Hell.

But things don't go to plan when she sees the other side of things--sees that the world isn't as bad as she once thought it was. Can she follow through with the deal or will she do the unthinkable and break her deal with the Devil?... Or at least the Devil's daughter? Besides, how scary can a girl in a skirt be?

Project Type: Short Film

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Crisis raises her hand, but is stopped when thunder rumbles. Crisis groans. Following the sound of thunder, a black cloud appears. MISCHIEF, 12, appears. He's holding a phone, typing.
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RAVEN, French-Italian, 16, looks at the pills in her hand. She raises them to her lips.
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Well, it's settled then. In six months, you're soul will appear in the depths of Hell. Till then, you'll see what you've been missing out on.
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With a flash, Mischief and Crisis disappear.
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