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A prank show similar to Punk'd except all based within the premises of SLA. S.L.A.M. stands for South Lancaster Academy Misbehavior. Enjoy.

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As a victim walks down the hallway, Christian Rivera hides in the trash can. When the victim passes by, he pops out, scaring
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As a victim makes his way down the hall, JP will be suspiciously looking into the trash can, which will have a fellow prankster hiding inside of it. JP will ask the student if he can take a quick look inside to see if there is something in there, as he alleges that he heard a noise inside of it. Before the victim can take a good look inside, JP will push him aside and reach in there, the person inside will grab his arm and try to pull him inside. The horror will continue until JP reveals the show to the victim. Proceeded by hilarity.
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Prank 1: Screen Cracker

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