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You are all welcome. Here is my card everybody, you can call me if you need any more help or anything. Thanks for coming guys!
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Personally and unfortunately, I don't feel that I made a really strong connection with anyone from the group. I think that I definitely benefitted from hearing everyone else go through their issues and problems, but my focus was a little more self-centered in regards to my own problem. I definitely feel that my relationship with my family has been strengthened. We all became more aware of the issue and as a group became more focused on what is causing the problem and our goal of overcoming it. The facilitator was definitely helpful in suggesting the different types of options that I had in regards to a cognitive and behavioral therapy approach, which I was never exposed to or aware of before. I can't really pick out a worst feature of the group therapy. I guess having to meet every week took a little toll on my schedule and my family not having me there on a certain time each week, but it definitely helped a lot more than it hurt. As for improvement, I think I just have to keep consistent tabs on what is going on with the problem and stay focused on how we can slowly lessen it. I know that this is something Emmanuel will probably grow out of, but lessening the frequency of his terrors is going to get rid of it soon... I hope.... I am definitely going to keep up with the exercises without a doubt. The ones that worked for me were really helpful and eye opening. I just want to thank everyone so much for sticking with this. It really showed a cohesive effort in trying to overcome our own individual problems, which motivated me even more. Even with Denise, who was so reluctant at first to share, ended up opening up so much. Everyone being so open and sharing helped the comfort level of the rest of us opening up and sharing. And I think that's what's so important .. opening up and sharing. I think it has helped me definitely conceptualize what is going on and see it in a clearer way. So basically, I hope that everyone else had a similar experience, or better, as I did and eventually we will all overcome whatever sleeping issues we have dealt with or are dealing with. Maybe we can go out for dinner one day soon? I can even bring Emmanuel and everyone can meet him!!
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This was my favorite part!! Since I am super organized and on top of everything constantly, I LOVED the diaries. Not only did it help me see patterns in Emmanuel's sleeping, but it helped me predict when the terrors were going to happen and also the times and activities he was doing beforehand - how they contributed or lessened the problem. That was definitely one of the major things I got out of this whole thing. Having a schedule and routine definitely helps things and helps you realize what you are doing when you wouldn't otherwise. It's difficult to keep track of everyone's habits, routines, and lives so keeping a diary was totally beneficial. It was a little difficult to do it every day. Sometimes I was too tired, but for the most part, I would even make mental notes and write it down the next day. Being aware is the key I guess. Hmmm.. as for changes that I noticed.. I definitely think that once we started the diaries, me and my family were more on a conscious schedule of when we would eat dinner and when we would go to sleep. Making sure that Emmanuel was "naturally" tired like in that one type of therapy definitely helped. Okay, I know the problem isn't completely gone, but it has decreased the terrors. I can't expect magic. The exercise that I did not like was the one where my husband and I slept in his room with him. This totally distracted him and did not let him fall asleep normally so we only did it for one or two days before giving up on that one. I guess it's not for everyone.
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