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INT. anne returned to her life in kentucky with samantha and claire and her new boyfriend ben. she now aspires to go to college and become a detective.
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Sargent doyle
Has Andy ever been to Anne's house or know where she lives?
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The car comes to an immediate stop and the classical music aborted and a door opens. Anne says oh god hes getting out of the car to come get me what do I do? The policemen with claire and samantha tells anne to keep the phone open and connected to them but just place it under her back so they can listen without him knowing she has a phone. The policeofficer says he is going to track her phone via the GPS satellite to try to locate them. The masked man opens the trunk to find Claire hiding her phone. The sight of her phone annoys and angers him because she is trying to escape him. He grabs it and throws it against the side of the pier. At the policestation, the policeofficer informs the girl that he heard seagulls right before the phone was smashed so he thinks they are at the beach. He asks them if there was anyone who would want to harm Anne. After a couple minutes, they look at each with worried faces and Samantha tells the police officer that Claire had been dating an older guy this past summer when she was living with her father at Wrightsville Beach. What was his name samantha asks claire? She says I think it started with an A? claire responds. Samantha replies thinking she guessed it right, Anthony? Oh no I remember now, it was Andy something, Anne never told us his last name. Yeah that’s right. He was a marine biology student at UNCW. His parents owned a place on the intercostal waterway at the beach. Claire chims in saying that Anne told us she had to break things off with him because he was getting really posessive by texting her at all hours of the day always wanting to know what she was doing and who she was spending time with. I think one time he even commented on one of her Facebook photos with a huge paragraph yelling at her for being so close to Ben. The policeman asks, Ben? And Claire responds a close friend of Annes who she has always had a thing with. The policeman asks the girls if Andy has ever been to Annes house or know where it is. The girls say Anne told them she was inviting him up to her house for the weekend because her parents were going to be out of town. Im not sure if he actually did come or not that weekend but hes a smart guy, I think he could have figured out where she lived some way. The policeman focuses on his typing on his computer and then shouts out that he was able to find three andys who were found in the UNCW data base. Two guys and one girl who live at Wrightsville beach. Ill call down to the policestation in Wilmington and give them the information to go search the houses. Cut to the sunny and peaceful palm trees and the boats out on the water and then zoom into a dark room in the beach house where Anne is being kept with duck tape around her mouth and her hands tied around a wooden desk chair. Sweaty, red puffy face and eyes evident from crying
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Notes about what whill happen:
gabrielle_mcardle added dialogue in "Scene Two" on 09/20/2013. gabrielle_mcardle made 18 other changes. more
sargent doyle
That's alright Anne, try to bust out the tail light to wave your hand around to signal help from other drivers.

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