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happyjack edited a slugline in "INT. ENDEAVOUR CONTROL ROOM. MEDIUM SHOT" on 01/07/2010. happyjack made 9 other changes. more
INT. GEORGE and SIRRI start the engines. A voice comes over the intercom. It commands them to surrender at once to the local authorities and wait for CLERICAL GAURDS to collect them. GEORGE and SIRRI look at each other, then at JACK. GOERGE sighs and shakes his head, then pushes one last button. The ship rattles and roars and the three are soon pushed back into their seats.
happyjack added dialogue in "INT. FINNY GINS" on 01/01/2010. happyjack made 46 other changes. more
You poor thing...
(she orders two shots, tells the bartender to put it on GEORGE's tab)
... Now you have got to be able to work past this. She wasn't for you anyway.
happyjack added an action in "INT. A CELL ROOM./ MEDIUM SHOT" on 12/31/2009. happyjack made 57 other changes. more
JACK produces a blade and knifes the gaurd in the throat. The body falls to the floor.
happyjack added a new scene titled "EXT. OUTSIDE OF THE LIV OVERSKSAM JA" on 12/20/2009. happyjack made 21 other changes. more
happyjack edited dialogue in "INT. A CHECKPOINT- MEDIUM SHOT" on 12/20/2009. happyjack made 6 other changes. more
But I'm worth so much.

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