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3-Min Narration Based Short for Technical Processes module or Film and Video Production at the University of Derby. Shady friends with shady connections play a game of cards! Mickey, Joey, Ramone and Jerome are sat around the table. Only Jimmy G is missing, this makes the guys uneasy, its not like him to miss a game. The game begins and the narration unfolds, we learn about each character, their traits and a possible motive. Ramone draws a card sneakily from his lap. No one notices. Cards are laid down, eventually Ramone shouts: SNAP! It is then revealed to audience by camera direction that the chips they were referring to were an actual bag of chips (doritos), the two playing were just holding one card each, the other guys were dealer and an onlooker who were holding a hand of cards (to make it look like they were playing poker), but it was just to fan themselves cus the tension in the air was making them sweat! The film will be rendered silent accept for where diegetic dialogue is present, narration will be laid on in post and the whole film will be colour treated to warm the picture to add a sense of heat and tension.

Project Type: Skit (5 min)
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