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Suppose you were invited to be a performer on Saturday Night Live. Of course you'd need a opening credit montage video. Matt shows Nathan his latest edits of theirs.

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The familiar music and New York cut-scene montage begins, the opening credits to Saturday Night Live. Don Pardo announces the regular cast members until "Matt Eyer!" is announced. A video of Matt being startled by the camera and then non-chalantly smiling at it appears. Next, Pardo says "Nathan Smart!" A shaky video shows a door, which is then pushed open by the cameraman revealing Nathan sitting on a toilet, who is obviously surprised and very angry. The regular montage continues.
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EXT. End scene
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The next video is the same as before up to the "Nathan Smart!" video. This time, the same shaky video, the cameraman pulls back the covers on a bed to reveal an unkempt sleeping Nathan. A torrent of water splashes onto his face, waking him up instantly. The video continues as normal.

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