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Anastasia opens her eyes slowly. She sits up and looks around. Anastasia rubs her forehead to ease a headache. Her eyes wander around, trying to identify her surroundings. Anastasia tries to stand up. She stumbles a bit as she begins to walk. In a swift motion, she quickly holds her head in pain while groaning loudly. Anastasia moves her hands to her eyes to block out the light. She mumbles in pain.
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Anastasia shows her newly discovered phone to Guy. It is covered in sand and doesn't work anymore. Anastasia chucks the phone, leaving Guy stunned. She then turns around and walks back in the direction of the road. Guy soon follows.
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Well to start off he's a man, and you're not–not to be sexist or anything but–his word is gonna be stronger then yours.
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They'll probably not let you press charges

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