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Benny is a major tool. He can't keep a woman in his life that will satisfy him or his libido. This all changes when a strange woman explodes into his life and tears down his walls...literally! With the help of six other unique women, this new babe in Benny's life will change his view on how he treats women...for the better or for the worse!

This play captures the audience in an uncommon way-by combining the audience with the actors! The stage knows no bounds in this crazy slasher romance with a twist of psycho!

Project Type: Skit (Two hours)

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suresh joined the project! on 10/22/2009. more
Steven added an action in "Act 2" on 10/04/2009. Steven made 62 other changes. more
Soccer Mom takes off her Snuggie and begins to give Benny a lap dance. She is wearing a nightie.
Steven edited the scene titled "Act 1" on 10/03/2009. Steven made 12 other changes. more
Steven added an action in "This is your first scene." on 10/03/2009. Steven made 49 other changes. more
Benny and London Bitch ad-lib battle cries and skirmish on stage. It can be really dramatic and sexy. Use the sex whips to their full potential, please. The fight ends with Benny strangling London Bitch with his sex whip. She drops to the floor, dead. Her body should be behind an object with just her feet showing because her body will be on stage and she needs to breathe.
Steven added dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 10/03/2009. Steven made 76 other changes. more
Sultry Female
Silly boy. We are here to fulfill your fantasies in hope that you will find true love! We only want to accomplish the realistic!

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