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Walnut inserted dialogue in "Holding Cell" on 05/19/2010. Walnut made 24 other changes. more
Guard Two (Cont'd)
Whatever. I heard he got a promotion for catchin' that girl.
Walnut edited a slugline in "Holding Cell" on 05/05/2010. Walnut made 82 other changes. more
INT. base - near forests
Walnut edited an action in "The Base – Night" on 05/05/2010. Walnut made 33 other changes. more
The sky is dark and the parking lot is quite empty.
Walnut added dialogue in "The Computer Room" on 05/04/2010. Walnut made 9 other changes. more
Shut up, Commie!
Walnut edited an action in "The Computer Room" on 05/03/2010. Walnut made 14 other changes. more
Mollie watches the Chief walk through the door into the Data Room. When she's certain he's far enough away, she frowns and walks away.

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