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An attempt to finally create an x-men movie featuring the actual x-men

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Kitty Pryde is in the middle of a very aggressive game of field hockey. She's smaller than a lot of the other girls, but she's pretty clearly one of the better players on the team. She takes a few good hits, but she keeps pushing. Then, in the middle of an intense play, she and another girl collide, and inside that split second, we see Kitty's hand passing inside of her shoulder. They fall to the ground, and the other girl screams. The game grinds to a halt as Kitty rises to her knees, looking down at the girl, clearly aware of what happened and terrified. The girl on the ground is behaving as if she has a broken bone, and slowly the other players start to move to both of them to take care of them, but Kitty is clearly shaken and horribly concerned for her friend.
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Pregnant silence.
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Charles shakes his head, looking at his diagram, unsure.

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