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mythster joined the project! on 12/26/2008. more
ccs_davis commented on the scene "The Conspiring Gentlemen." on 12/25/2008. more
With all due respect, I just don't understand what the aim of this story is just yet. Perhaps a second scene will have to be written before I understand where you're headed with this.
thedovid commented on the scene "The Conspiring Gentlemen." on 12/23/2008. more
Des[ite the title, it's not so much conspiracy as it is life style. This is how these guys live.
In the forum, ccs_davis replied to Helllooo! on 12/22/2008. ccs_davis made 1 other comment and 3 other changes. more
First post with this project. Looking forward to butchering everyone's work. :-) Davis
jonogoorvich joined the project! on 12/22/2008. more

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