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Episode 1: Pilot

After the unsolved murder of her parents, Sasha Trask is sent to an orphanage for teenagers in nearby Crescent, South Carolina. Of course, the oddities don't stop there. The seven other kids there include two fraternal twin brothers, James and Jackson, who invite Sasha to a haunted house that ends in surprising results.

Project Type: Television (An hour)

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ayyar joined the project! on 04/09/2010. more
custard edited dialogue in "Camera Stand" on 05/25/2009. custard made 9 other changes. more
You're telling me. Your muscles get sore after a while.
custard added an action in "Camera Stand" on 01/05/2009. custard made 54 other changes. more
Sasha, James, and Jackson stand in front of an iron gate, locked, that cages a large, two story house with rotting wood and dusty windows. The lawn grass is brown and dead and the trees creak without leaves. Everything seems darker around the house as fog caresses the land. It is a completely cliched haunted house.
custard added dialogues in "We'll Hold the Camera, You Do the Work" on 01/05/2009. more
Wonderful. Meet us at our room tonight.
Jenadale10110 commented on the scene "What Breaks in the Night." on 01/04/2009. more
I personally think that The Same person who lives in the haunted house killed Sasha's parents

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