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The story of the White Spy and the Black Spy, two enemy spies. In a prisoner exchange, the spies are let out of jail, only to realize that they're there because of the other. After years of anger and hate building up, the Black Spy arrives in New York with one mission: to kill his archenemy.

Based on the MAD Magazine comic by Antonio Prohias.

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Gruenenfelder edited an action in "White Spy Stopped By Security - Airport in South Korea" on 01/20/2015. Gruenenfelder made 6 other changes. more
We see the back of the White Spy's head as he turns to look at Tony. He slowly turns his head back.
Gruenenfelder added an action in "Prisoner Exchange - DMZ" on 01/13/2015. Gruenenfelder made 27 other changes. more
The vehicles drive off in opposite directions.

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