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Eli thought he lived the perfect life and nothing would ever go wrong, but that would soon change after a new boy arrives at work. Eli works at a copying company for a boss he's never seen. Well one day the boss's son arrives at the company ready to work, but there is something odd about him, he has no idea where he is, who he is, or what he is doing. In this story Eli solves the mystery of this odd boy.

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Amanda sighs. Eli walks away
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Oh yes, I hired him a couple weeks ago so that I had someone to pass the company on to. Actually, he may be quiet but he really is worthy of running the family business.
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INT. The Boy simply ignored him but he had been coming in more frequently than he usually did. He began to suspect that something was up and decided to talk to his boss about what was going on.
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"Hey Eli we are going to the movies tonight, you in?"

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