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Decades after the Empire falls, no longer are the Stars at War, the force is in complete balance, and the Galaxy is finally at peace. Until the son of Leia and Han Solo turns to the dark side and takes over as Emperor Nahm. Harper Skywalker has been trained to be a Jedi by his father Luke and is master of C3-PO and R2D2 just like his father. Emperor Nahm orders the Empire to make a third Death Star, 'Death Star 3' while at the same time the Ghost of Ben is telling Harper what to do just like he did to his father, Luke. Later, the General of the Rebel side meets with Harper telling him he needs to kill Emperor Nahm to stop the Empire once and for all. He unites him with Lin Bideon captain of the Millennium Falcon 2. Here is where Harper learns that Han Solo died in a crash. This led to the rebels rebuilding a starship just like the original Millennium Falcon and finding a new captain. Together Lin Bideon, Harper, C3-PO, and R2D2 are on a mission to kill and stop Emperor Nahm from taking over the galaxy before it gets out of hand.

Project Type: Feature Film (30 min)

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Yes Sir!
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Yes sir.
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The doors slam shut and Harper is left coughing in the smoky room.
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Ghost of Ben (Voice)
Come on Harper.

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