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Sidney Pittman is a young boy when the Revolution began. He was around 14. The Revolution was an uprising, in America against the government who people thought had stopped doing things for the people. The people decided to rise up and started to riot. The government sent in the US Army to stand against the rioters and protesters and a small number of the protesters were killed. More riots ensued and more people died. Soon people started arming themselves as the government used their military might to kill any uprising. It eventually ensued into a full blown civil war.

The Revolution was fought between two groups, The Stripes (who were for the government) and The Stars (Who were against the government) Sidney's family joined the Stars.

3 years later the Revolution is still going on. Sidney is now 17 and he's fighting the Stripes.

The Short film basically an introduction to the much longer film I plan to write and hopefully film. It roughly explains the Revolution and how it started.

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There are a group of people on the White House Lawn and they are waving guns in the air like a muslim revolution.
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There are people running about and SCREAMING. Women and children are scared as 2 American Apache helicopters fire Hellfire missles at them. A man in a window fires a Stinger Ground to Air missle at the leading helicopter and the Apache goes to ground in a ball of fire. The tail swings past us and we can see the square of stars from the US Flag painted on it. The man with the Stinger reloads and is about to fire at the last remaing helicopter but is shot down by it's gun crew. He falls out of the window.
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