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Project Type: Feature Film (Epic)

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PittFan added an action in "In the hospital" on 05/15/2008. PittFan made 2 other changes. more
On the way out of the hospital, a silver van pulls up across the street and parks. Two suspicious looking men exit and walk into a nearby shop
amsparky joined the project! on 05/01/2008. more
rainman added an action in "final fight with the mobsters!" on 04/30/2008. rainman made 12 other changes. more
carrington pulls out his magnum from his back and checks to see if the bullets are loaded in it. he jumps up and points the gun at the henchman and begins to unload the magazine. the henchman unloads his gun. the firing stops from both partys. the henchman falls to the floor and drops his gun. carrington then know that he is dead. carrington leans up against the couch. the camera is pulling out through the house all the way outside to see more cops rushing in with detective jerry with their guns drawn. there is no audio for this except for some soft music playing. the screen fades to black. the audience at this point it to believe that the movie has ended but it hasnt.
RyanK edited the scene titled "a new start" on 04/30/2008. RyanK made 3 other changes. more
rainman added dialogue in "final fight with the mobsters!" on 04/30/2008. more
carrington...where are you! ready or not here i come!

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