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The story of a college freshman, who comes to college and tries how to learn how to live. He is very socially awkward and feels that he can't meet anyone, he tries so hard to fit in sometimes that it backfires. He is trying to enjoy his time, but he finds it real difficult to transition from his high school where he knew everyone. The story is about accepting your strong suits, and that anyone can change. The main character thinks that his life is a wreak, and that he will never be happy, although his family assures him he will be. He gets angry, and is thinking about committing suicide. The beginning to kill himself, will he go through with it? And if he doesnt then what will he do about it? How will get over the pain he feels?

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ryanf12341 added dialogue in "The Cafeteria" on 03/19/2010. ryanf12341 made 8 other changes. more
Man I think the sun is coming eventually, i think that maybe there is always a surmountable way to get out of things.
ryanf12341 edited dialogue in "The Cafeteria" on 02/02/2010. ryanf12341 made 10 other changes. more
We gotta keep this professional ok? This is your problem, Do you see? Your coming on to strong to fast. Its ok just slow down saver the moments that you are with someone you like. Enjoy their presence.
ryanf12341 added an action in "This is your first scene." on 01/17/2010. ryanf12341 made 11 other changes. more
Daniel takes his hand as to offer a peace offering, she grabs while picking up her jacket, the two leave the area as they head to the cafeteria. The two look as if they are an old married couple hand in hand, as if they had been together for years. The two sit together, and seem to start talking as if they were stopped in time, and the world was moving to what they said and did.
ryanf12341 added dialogue in "This is your first scene." on 01/12/2010. ryanf12341 made 56 other changes. more
I was I was liking her, a lot, even though she was paid to act like she liked me, but she seemed to actually be interested.
cnitt edited an action in "This is your first scene." on 12/15/2009. cnitt made 5 other changes. more

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