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In her first week of college, Tahlia scours the campus for eccentric students for her novel. When these new, unsuspecting “friends” unite for the first time, they are repelled by each other’s personalities. Tahlia goes to great lengths to get the students to like each other.

Project Type: Television (30 min)

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Time has passed without her realizing, her eyes are closing and now someone is standing at her side. ISABEL DE LA VEGA, 19, taps TAHLIA's shoulder a few times and bends over.
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The three remaining look at each other in silence. DORIAN finally motions for them to sit.
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INT. int. cafe - day
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Hey, so how's Jackie--
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Who are you, Mom? And don't call me Randall. It's Randy now. This name and this instrument are who I am now. Love it or lose it.

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