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CHARLOTTE JONES, has everything figured out, her career, her boyfriend, her health, all because of her best friend, AMANDA LOVE, who instead has nothing figured out. CHARLOTTE breaks up with her boyfriend, ADAM WRIGHT, like the 200th time because of his jealousy towards learning that AMANDA and CHARLOTTE are doing interviews for a new roommate, due to the rent price of the loft they are living in.
After a series of interviews with nerds, freaky girls and hobos AMANDA and CHARLOTTE give up on a new roommate. Later that night they are doing the math so that they can afford the loft in which they live in and RYAN YOUNG appears. They accept him, as their only hope, whereas ADAM gets pissed off at CHARLOTTE for accepting a guy, they break up. Later that night some screams are heard in ADAM's room so AMANDA walks in a very compromising situation.

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