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The story is a dark comedy about a young boy obsessed with superheroes (easy to imagine I'm sure). His name is Ed and calls himself "Super Ed" but the kids in school call him "Special Ed". After high school he takes a job at a local Radio Shack and works secretly in the back to create high tech gadgets to help him achieve his life-long dream of super powers. While walking home one night he attempts to stop a mugging in progress with one of his gadgets but it fails and he gets beaten up pretty badly. He wakes to find himself in a lab of another scientist who gives him an amulet that allows him to control his body at a nanotechnology level. The "mad scientist" tells him that it will allow him to achieve many powers but the scientist dies before Ed can learn how it works.

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Typical suburban home. Mother and Father are at the table reading the newspaper while having coffee orange juice and toast. Footsteps can be heard in the background.
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Ambulance siren.
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INT. ed successfully stops a robbery by turing (mostly) invisible

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