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Dean S? - Bert Roggers{SuperSmash}/ villain/ MetaHuman/ (Earth 1 present) Abilities- shooting diamond shards,Shapeshift, Super, Super Strength/[ Worked with Levi, did lab work on dark matter and crystals. It became unstable and I was caught in an explosion and everything changed. Became really really strong and is able to shapshift and shoot diamond shards cause of the dark matter and the diamond crystal]
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Javon A - Javon Alexander {Jus'Flash}/ Hero/ Meta Human/ Earth 3 prime/ Abilities- Fighting, Bow and arrow, Strength, Speedster/ teleport using speed/[ When I was four years old I was hit by two energy waves and only I was affected, and then two more waves of energy hit again when I was nine years old. Everything changed after that, people all around the world became metahumans and they either used their powers for good or evil and thats when I first started using my powers, but then I was in a coma for five years and woke up and became a vigilante and five more years later I became Jus'Flash.]
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Kaylon Y - Professor Bean{Nocturne}/AntiHero/ MetaHuman/ (Earth 53) Abilities- Assasin, Controls darkness, Instant teleporting/[ On Earth 53, there was a world black out and the people there adapted to the dark and was able to teleport and control the darkness.]
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Ickyu R - Russel Park/ AntiHero/ MetaHuman/ (Earth 1 Future) Abilities- Teleport, Martial Arts, Small Weapon Specialist, Time Travel, FastReflexes/[i'm from this exact place but just 25,000+ years from now. well In my world everything is destroyed and ruled by the Villains. Because believe it or not you all die 3 days from now. I well... I was kind of born with my powers both my parents were just humans and my brother was a shapeshifter in our group fighting the villains and well...they all kinda died out as I was growing up. I came back once I got the message from Levi here and well... I was supposed to come with my Best friend well brother, but he died before he could've made it here.]

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