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Javon A - Javon Alexander {Jus'Flash}/ Hero/ Meta Human/ Earth 3 prime/ Abilities- Fighting, Bow and arrow, Strength, Speedster/ teleport using speed/[ When I was four years old I was hit by two energy waves and only I was affected, and then two more waves of energy hit again when I was nine years old. Everything changed after that, people all around the world became metahumans and they either used their powers for good or evil and thats when I first started using my powers, but then I was in a coma for five years and woke up and became a vigilante and five more years later I became Jus'Flash.]

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Dean S? - Bert Roggers{SuperSmash}/ villain/ MetaHuman/ (Earth 1 present) Abilities- shooting diamond shards,Shapeshift, Super, Super Strength/[ Worked with Levi, did lab work on dark matter and crystals. It became unstable and I was caught in an explosion and everything changed. Became really really strong and is able to shapshift and shoot diamond shards cause of the dark matter and the diamond crystal]

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Aiden H - Levi Jeans{The Iron Sentinel}/ Hero/ ExoSuit/ (Earth 1)Present) Abilities- iron man abilities/ [ Billionaire industrialist and genius inventor Levi Jeans is kidnapped and forced to build a devastating weapon. Instead, using his intelligence and ingenuity, Levi builds a high-tech suit of armor and escapes captivity. When he uncovers a nefarious plot with global implications, he dons his powerful armor and vows to protect the world as Iron Sentinel Wounded, captured and forced to build a weapon by his enemies, billionaire industrialist Levi Jeans instead created an advanced suit of armor to save his life and escape captivity. Now with a new outlook on life, Levi uses his money and intelligence to make the world a safer, better place as Iron Sentinel.]

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Daniel B - The Shining Mask/ Hero/ MetaHuman/ (Earth 2) Abilities- Controls Light/ [ was an archaeologist, investigating ancient Egyptian ruins, when you angered the Sun God, Ra! Now, you bear the weight of his power, until you find a way of appeasing the mighty deity, but later kept the powers to help save the world.]

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Ickyu R - Russel Park/ AntiHero/ MetaHuman/ (Earth 1 Future) Abilities- Teleport, Martial Arts, Small Weapon Specialist, Time Travel, FastReflexes/[i'm from this exact place but just 25,000+ years from now. well In my world everything is destroyed and ruled by the Villains. Because believe it or not you all die 3 days from now. I well... I was kind of born with my powers both my parents were just humans and my brother was a shapeshifter in our group fighting the villains and well...they all kinda died out as I was growing up. I came back once I got the message from Levi here and well... I was supposed to come with my Best friend well brother, but he died before he could've made it here.]

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Adam R - Tommy Greene{Vexx}/ AntiVillain/ MetaHuman/ (Earth 1 Future) Abilities- Teleporting, time travel, specialist fighter(swords), Telekinesis, Strength/[ Born with powers, grew up in fear for being experimented on, parents were killed, and wanted revenge and became mercenary. Always get his job done and met Russel as an adult. Russel trained Tommy, but intentions were different for them both. Tommy did things on his own and blamed Russel for leaving him since he was the closest thing to a new family.]

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Kade S? - Jackson{freelancer}/ Villain/ Abilities- Enhance reflexes, martial arts, weapon specialist (sniper)/[ Jackson Asher was a skilled navy seal, and american sniper, top of the ranks, who fought for 5 years in the aghanistan war and recieved many medals of valor, at the age of 27 he defected to russia but not without struggle when his helicopter was shot down and he was announced dead. After having his sight restored and his reflexes enhanced, he assumed the identity freelancer and became a mercenary/assassin. lost his voice in the crash

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Troy W - Troy {Fixjer}/ Villain/ MetaHuman/ Abilities- Human Lie-Detector, Martial Arts, Reflexes, Acrobat/[ troy was a normal university professor until he cracked a seemingly impossible mathematical conundrum, that unlocked strange and bizarre abilities for him. with his unstoppable brain he had lack of morality.]

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Josh B - Jacob Caiden {Energy}/ AntiHero/ MetaHuman/ Abilities- Energy, Absorbing/[ was born with the powers, and used his powers to help people that are in need.]

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Kaylon Y - Professor Bean{Nocturne}/AntiHero/ MetaHuman/ (Earth 53) Abilities- Assasin, Controls darkness, Instant teleporting/[ On Earth 53, there was a world black out and the people there adapted to the dark and was able to teleport and control the darkness.]

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Lee B - {Machine Man}/Villian/Cyborg/ Abilities- SuperHuman Strength, Enhance computer personal, Sword/ [ Was experimented on as a cyborg by a scientist but became a failure. But then escaped and was chased.]

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Charlie M - Sensation {Captain Sensation}/Hero/MetaHuman/ Abilities- Control Animals, Deaf/[ was born Deaf in minnesota in a barn, and there was wild cats and they killed Sensation's family and they took him and he later was able to control animals.]

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William C - Victor Block {The Arachno Spider}/ Hero/MetaHuman/ Abilities- Controlling shadow, Spider Powers/ [ While Visiting his uncle Victor Stone got bit by a radioactive spider that gave him spider powers. His uncle tried testing him but there was a failure and Victor was able to control the shadows from being in the dark.]

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Lyndel J - Anthony Steel {The Quantum Clock}/ Hero/ MetaHuman/ Abilities- Laser blasts, Time control, controls gravity/ [ While working in a secrete lab for the CIA, Anthony created a working dark matter powered time machine, but there was an earthquake that cause the dark matter to become unstable and triggered an eruption. When Anthony woke up he was able to control time and the dark matter gave him the ability to control gravity. He made arm bands that shoots lasers.]

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Alex C - {HeadShot} Nuetral/ Human/ Abilities- Weapon Specialist, rage influence [ex military soilder, caught in war across the seas and was captured by the russians, they did experiments on me and I got the power to influence rage.]

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