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a story about random people who don't know each other and decide to put themselves in harms way by experimenting with a time machine which actually changes the past.

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Rian edited dialogue in "FBI HEADQUARTERS" on 12/16/2008. more
You're a good liar, Monday. Especially when Team B and Deckard discovered DNA evidence that tied you to the murder of those animals. And the creation of the shockwaves which sent those scientists into another dimension.
Rian edited dialogue in "LABORATORY" on 12/15/2008. Rian made 2 other changes. more
Yeah, but if that were true we would have known where they went. And their so called time machine wouldn't be missing, sir.
Rian edited an action in "FBI HEADQUARTERS" on 12/13/2008. Rian made 49 other changes. more
Cox leaps to the air and aims his gun at Shardon and Deckard. Deckard leaps out of the way aiming his gun at him then shoots again and again. A flying kick spins in empty space as Cox begins to regain balance.
Rian edited the scene titled "LABORATORY" on 12/13/2008. Rian made 38 other changes. more
Rian added dialogue in "FBI HEADQUARTERS" on 12/13/2008. Rian made 23 other changes. more
Start reading more often, son. Everything about time and space here is completely warped. And no one knows that but Cox I'm afraid.

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