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PapaParty added an action in "DAVES DIARYS #23 -------------------------------------inVision---------------------------------------------------" on 08/18/2012. PapaParty made 3 other changes. more
Advertisement style commercial. The commercial is showing of a new pair of sun glasses that turn your monitor into the(hacked 3D glasses monitor). It's showing a fat guy watching porn in his basement. A husband talking to his wife but isntead his watching the sports game on the blank TV. A movie theater filled with people starring at a blank screen, but each person is watching there own movie.(One guy makes a reference to the movie he is watching and the other person has no idea what his talking about.)
PapaParty added an action in "DAVE'S DIARYS #22 -------------------------------CITIZEN DANE--------------------------------------------------" on 08/16/2012. PapaParty made 19 other changes. more
Simple talk between Dane and the coworker.
PapaParty edited a shot in "DAVES DIARY'S #19 -------------------------------------------SELF REFLECTION--------------------------------" on 08/09/2012. PapaParty made 15 other changes. more
PapaParty added dialogue in "DAVES DIARY'S --------------------------------------------Searching------------------------------------------------" on 08/09/2012. PapaParty made 17 other changes. more
DAVE (phone)
Yeah, I don't know wha... Hey I just found 5 bucks.
PapaParty added dialogue in "DAVE'S DAIRY #17---------------------------------PAY IT TOWARD--------------------------------------------" on 08/08/2012. PapaParty made 6 other changes. more
Yes sir, Must be quite a party you're planning.

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