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[Tales of a private renew version]

Death, chaos, and greed is what forms the world in this new era of man kind. In 2021 the United States has still been fighting off the last of terrorists and Taliban forces. In doing this, Earth has become a harsh, desolate, war torn planet. Funding for the military has effected the whole worlds economy and forced many civilians to escape their desolate prison and colonize other planets with the newly developed space ships fitted with faster than light Shaw-Fujikawa engine. While warfare hasn't changed since the early war on terror has begun the way people fight changed a whole lot.

(Takes ideas and assets from the Halo Universe and incorporates them into the Call of Duty Universe.)

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Pvt. Percy Smith
Sorry sarge! Uhh, base plate this is 26 Alpha, we are low on ammo and cannot take down target. Requesting orders.

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