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This project is pretty much going to be all about me. ill have my little brother play me as a 12 year old and i play my self as the 18 year old i am now, however, he does not know that he is talking to himself in the future. We ask questions back and forth, as we ask each other questions we make facial expressions to our answers as if we are surprised of our differences, likes and dislikes. At the end of the short film the 12 year old me asks the 18 year old me who I am, I tell him that i am him, I'm the 12 year old in the future now 18 years old. the whole concept of the film is to show how people change over time as days, months, years or even decades pass by.

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Camera is already recording i sit on the sofa and get amans attention by calling out his name, aman will stop what hes doing (drawing)and look straight at the me. Aman talks first with a confused, scared face of who is looking at him sitting in his room; why is the person (Me) there? He asks the following question.
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Aman: Takes the water and drinks it, feels dizzy says "whats going on i feel dizzy" in a few seconds he faints. (screen fades out dark and back in) wakes up a minute later. "what just happened?" looks around and hes alone sees his drawing and thinks it was a dream.

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