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TDCMark added an action in "Scene 1" on 02/05/2012. TDCMark made 2 other changes. more
Elsa gets up, and then Bryan gets up.
TDCMark added dialogue in "Scene 1" on 01/27/2012. TDCMark made 4 other changes. more
TDCMark added dialogue in "Scene 1" on 01/26/2012. more
Cool, me too.
TDCMark added dialogue in "Scene 1" on 01/26/2012. TDCMark made 22 other changes. more
No, I'm just going to go use the washroom.
codyfroese added a comment to TDCStudios on 01/22/2012. more
This is really incredible. I think the character development of Person really shines through, and the dialogue is quite believable. My concerns are the name, and the action. I think "Person" isn't a name people can relate to. It's unisex, and we don't really describe him/her enough for the audience to know which gender the character is. Also the action is a bit too generic, and wide open. It doesn't really give the director a lot to work with, and he won't know what the emotion is. Blocking for this movie as it is would be an absolute nightmare. But with some careful editing I think we can fix that. You've really got something special here, Mark. And I think it will only get better.

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