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Head Coach of a Championship Pop Warner team is gunned down by a drug addicted father of one of his players. He is taken in to a poker game with the greatest Football coaches of history in Heaven. That is until he is informed that his rag-tag squad of players are now Seniors in High School and are a complete mess their fate has been changed by the loss of their beloved Coach and instead of succeeding and becoming who they were meant to be. Coach begs the power that be to allow him to return to Earth and save the destiny of his boys. He speaks to his team through his former Assistant Coach and little brother Tim. Tim is Coach's younger brother and has Spina Bifida. He is a football genius but far too meek to run a team on his own.

Coach returns and one by one does his best to set his athletes back on the track for success. Slapstick antic ensue and a few serious matters stemming back to the incident.

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Well I'm home so I know you're not a football practice and the last supermodel you dated if you recall turned out to be the poster child for Alopecia...and if you're in charge of saving the world none of us will be here tomorrow. Listen! The new jerseys came in just in time for this weekend's game. Come over when you chance I want to get these out to the kids as soon as possible. Later.
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Inside the bathroom the tiles are black and orange, the commode is black with an orange seat. The large man
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He walks down the hall scratching, yawning and stretching. Along the hallway pictures of famous coaches were hung in honor. The Man walks down the hall looking at each picture on his personal wall of fame, nodding and greeting them on his way to the bathroom.

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