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A cure for cancer is discovered but only takes effect if injected at birth. The cure gives an immunity to all sickness in existence. Eighteen years after this cure is put into action, a parasite epidemic strikes the world, destroying people's brains but not their bodies--leaving them to mindlessly waltz around with no mind. As this epidemic kills most of the population, everyone eighteen and under is immune and alive.
Set two years after this epidemic, a young man lives alone in his suburban home away from the city, where chaos and tribes of "Wild Boys" is rampant. Eventually, he meets a wandering girl with a disturbing past and their search to find a safer place becomes more of an issue.
Its Mad Max meets the Breakfast Club.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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MusicMaster added a comment to Teenage Wasteland 7 months ago. more
BY what the pitch said, this sounds like a book i read in school. The girl who owned a city.
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MatthewBrand added a comment to Teenage Wasteland two years ago. more
I think it is a great idea and agree that is has potential and from what I read it is pretty well written... I do however agree with the other comment about differing from mad max in your cars.. and i think it would be cool if maybe at some point between where they are and Atlanta they have to stop and maybe they meet some questionable characters???? lol again great story I look forward to reading(and hopefully watching at some point) the rest...

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