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Quick pitch

Tom, a high school student who’s just gone through a break-up with his girlfriend Sally discovers he has the ability to teleport. After the initial shock and disbelief, Tom and his best friend Mark realize that being able to teleport is awesome. So, with Mark’s help Tom slowly learns how to control his new found power. Together they utilize his power to have fun, cause mischief, and help out with everyday chores.
One day Tom and Mark get a genius idea to play a prank on Sally to get back at her. This involves teleporting into her house and taking _____________ (insert something valuable that would really piss off a girl if it was missing here). However their little plan goes haywire when they realize that an actual thief is trying to break in to her house/car (choose one). In this moment Tom realizes that he can use his powers for justice, rather than just personal gain or a good laugh. He manages to defeat the crook, and from that point on, stuff happens (I have no idea what happens next).

Project Type: Other (5 min)

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ninjabatman edited dialogue in "Episode I: Part 2" on 06/08/2011. ninjabatman made 4 other changes. more
Pfft, Yeah definitely...
ninjabatman added a new scene titled "Episode II" on 05/22/2011. ninjabatman made 3 other changes. more
ninjabatman commented on dialogue. on 05/11/2011. ninjabatman made 1 other comment and 2 other changes. more
i feel like there should be some closure about the girlfriend situation. he wouldn't forget about it that soon after it happened...
rommelmanuel11 edited dialogue in "The Accident" on 05/10/2011. rommelmanuel11 made 7 other changes. more
Pfft, Yeah definitely...
ninjabatman added a comment to Teleport Man on 05/09/2011. ninjabatman made 1 other comment and 48 other changes. more
i think this is our first full draft. we should probably change some of the dialogue to make it less lame/ more realistic.

maybe rework a few details, but other than that pretty solid

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