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Quick pitch

In this thrill,epic script. Tells how every day teens grows up in life facing an challenge,if its drugs,pregnancy,or family problems...

Jessie- Is going threw some thing with his family,him and his step father don't get along so well.Jessie trys to protect his mom form his step-father, who abuses them both

nia-attempted to kill her self ,because she's had her ups and downs with high school and its peer pressure,her parents pay her no mind 

Jasmine-everyone see her as this perfect teen girl that everyone wonts to be but deep down she has a crush on jesses and doesnt wont to be seen as this perfect teen

Clive-is the teen boy everyone wont ot be friend,he has every thing a boy could wont but he acts like its noughting

Annisa-is the bad girl and the new kid,nobodey knows what she been going threw and she hidding somthing that could mess her whole life up again

Bradley-is the pretty boy he keeps to himself when he not around his friends because his mother died 2 years ago and none of his friends know

Kinny-has his way with the girs and sports center of attention when it comes to parties but he slowly starts to get board with it all

Project Type: Television (30 min)

This project's owner would like a little help on parts of the project.

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meme deleted a shot in "party tell it hurts" on 07/05/2011. meme made 4 other changes. more
meme inserted dialogue in "party tell it hurts" on 06/16/2011. meme made 54 other changes. more
jesses whisper-
jasmine she not worth it you already won
meme edited a shot in "party tell it hurts" on 06/15/2011. meme made 67 other changes. more
meme edited dialogue in "who's their when you need them" on 06/14/2011. meme made 48 other changes. more
nia is angery
you said you wouldnt tell and ,it was only that one time,i was drunk
meme edited an action in "school starts" on 06/14/2011. meme made 31 other changes. more
the group of kid run down the hall to the double doors leading out of the school,they all go to jasmine's car

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