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Final Video screenplay for Mr. Remmington's film analysis class 2011-2012

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tkremme95 edited the scene titled "Scene 2: Amanda's Room" on 12/21/2011. more
zitek commented on an action. on 12/21/2011. more
lol... i force them into a closet...
tkremme95 deleted an action in "Scene 2: Amanda's Room" on 12/21/2011. tkremme95 made 5 other changes. more
Amanda's little sister who is sitting in the passinger seat, turns and sees Amanda and her friends. She mouths the words, "You ower me!"
zitek added an action in "This is your first scene." on 12/21/2011. zitek made 8 other changes. more
Amanda: Oh no.. oh, no!
zitek added an action in "This is your first scene." on 12/20/2011. zitek made 19 other changes. more
Amanda: I have to get home before she sees me! Im dead!

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