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a fake reel of a man who delivers the titular line in any project he works

Project Type: Short Film (5 min)

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NataScha (V.o.)
The negotiations sort of stalled out, and he was given a line, but it wasn't what he was looking for.
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(The story continues with Geoffrey saying that he'd like to return to acting, and Coppola setting him up with his friend Joe Dante for a line in a film he was working on: "Hey you want anything from the store? / Yeah, get me a Sprite... and some Gremlins too... The new batch. [Smile at camera.]" Back in a talking head, Coppola says "The crowd went fucking nuts." Then a montage of his talk show circuit. He gets a titular line in Mission: Impossible, Geoffrey was back on top of the world, as far as those like, 1,000 people who knew who he was were concerned. Eventually, getting older, Geoffrey retires with last role being a cameo as the old, wise janitor in Silver Linings Playbook. "Every cloud, has it's Silver Lining... splaybook." Geoffrey now lives...?

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