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Captain calamity
sam_russell added a new scene titled "The Troops are called Together" on 10/03/2013. sam_russell made 14 other changes. more
sam_russell edited dialogue in "Lego Man is Briefed" on 09/26/2013. sam_russell made 30 other changes. more
Captain calamity O.S.
Greetings Blundering Bafoons! I am sure you have heard by now of my teams great work on the Seattle Space Needle. I assure you, THAT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING! I will not cease until I eliminate all the skyscrapers of the World!
sam_russell inserted dialogue in "Lego Man Intro" on 09/19/2013. sam_russell made 21 other changes. more
Lego man
I always do, sir.
sam_russell added an action in "Evil Cabinet Meeting" on 09/17/2013. sam_russell made 8 other changes. more
At this point all of the other members of the evil cabinet scurry to line up in front of the throne.

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