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A Midget and a Transvestite swindle and sex there way across the country.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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Yea snacks. Lime Rickey.
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INT. ext. parking lot - hotel casero - tijuana
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It is frenetic, KIRK is hog-tied and bucking as he is strapped to all four bedposts, buck-naked and TIFFANY is riding shotgun, skirt off, giving him prison justice with her nine-inch cock. HER petal rose panties are stuffed into his mouth muffles the screams but it is still muffler off loud, tears well in KIRK's eyes, before TIFFANY ties an empty pillow sham around his forehead.
Taboo8 edited an action in "Scene 4" on 08/24/2010. Taboo8 made 4 other changes. more
Through the slipping sham, KIRK sees a black-skinned midget, wearing a white wife-beater, as RAY approaches he has a size eleven black stilleto in his meaty paws before he feels the sting across his forehead. Kiek tastes the alsty blood leaking into his mouth before he.......

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