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An evil dictator, named Dr. Nefarious, is taking over the town of Ellington, and it's up to a pair of doofy agents to stop his nefarious plot.

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DiveMan added a new scene titled "Scene 4 - YE OLDE SECTION OF HML" two years ago. DiveMan made 20 other changes. more
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(Looks out into the field.)
DiveMan added a slugline in "Scene 2- Agents of Ellington HQ (HML- Ye Olde Section)" on 05/24/2015. DiveMan made 53 other changes. more
INT. End scene 2. Fade out.
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Agent Gregory Walker stops and looks around. He notices a strange figure in the distance, realizing it's Slenderman. Walker runs, Slender following close behind. Walker looks back, and doesn't see Slender. He turns around and sees a white face looking right at him.
DiveMan added a new scene titled "Scene 2- Agents of Ellington HQ (HML- Ye Olde Section)" on 05/22/2015. DiveMan made 27 other changes. more

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