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Reynold, a struggling author, must come to terms with his personal beliefs and morals when his editor tells him edit in a gay character into his latest romance novel or face cuts. Reynold, with the help of his friend Nancy and her fiancee Cameron, rewrite the script to edit in Ivan, an exuberantly gay man based off of a grocery store clerk that Nancy suspects is gay. The book sells and is a hit, but someone isn't content, the REAL Ivan. Reynold must come to terms with Ivan as well as reassess his personal beliefs and idea of what love is.

Project Type: Skit

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No, actually. I hated his portrayal in the novel. I'm not going to beat around the bush anymore, Rey. I didn't come here to discuss your novel, I came here to discuss Carlos. I find your use of him as a gay character despicable and atrocious.
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