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A young man angry at the world writes 'The Autonomist Manifesto' venting his own frustrations through creating an ideology on how to live a full life. His beliefs take form in the idea of self-governing existence as opposed to living by the standards of other people. He attracts a following of young, impressionable people made up mostly of university students which he has no care for and begins to make his impact upon the world.

Project Type: Feature Film (Two hours)

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I hate my fucking life
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The waitress punches him in the face. He falls against the table. He picks himself up and wipes his lip. He doesn't know what to do. He walks out the door. The waitress is standing still. He walks back in the door and stands in front of the waitress. he takes a swig of his drink. He turns back to the waitress and she punches him again. He is on the ground holding onto the table. He grabs a knife off it and threatens the waitress. She kicks it out of his hand and punches him again. (Jump in time) Rockwell is mopping up the floor where he messed it up.
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Rockwell (V.O)
The Autonomist Manifesto. After hearing the constant bullshit coming from the mouths of every significant figure in the history of the human race I decided to become a bullshitter myself. I used to love studying history but after a while it got old. Things seemed to start repeating themselves without solution. remember the shit coming from my teachers mouth. Historiography. What the fuck! Lets read different interpretations of history, then choose the bits we like and pass off what we've written as our own. There's nothing original about studying text books. School should be called plagiarism. In all fairness, a person's intelligence shouldn't be measured on how much they can remember. I can recount the reasons why World War I started at a dinner table, the person I'm telling would look at me admirably and I'd be considered worth listening too. For what? For remembering things that happened? I bet I wouldn't get the same treatment if I recounted all the things I'd eaten for breakfast for the past month. My point is, there's something incredibly wrong with humanity. I mean, kids at school get praised for using a big word they heard their parents say or something. Not since Shakespeare has anything to do with the English language been remarkable. It all comes down to originality. There's nothing more noble than to create something. A writer writes a novel, a composer composes music, a mathematician creates formulas. In our education system you can hide people who aren't creative. Hide them behind text books, rhetoric and confident speech. You can't hide creativity. From some of the poorest conditions on the planet we have seen the most famous creative genius' spawn.
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They don't need text books to copy what someone else has already done, their genius ignites when confronted with a situation or particular setting. Mozart didn't even need a piano to create music, Shakespeare didn't need a pen to write, Michaelangelo certainly didn't need a brush to paint a picture.
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John Rockwell sits at a typewriter in a dark room typing madly. His voice over runs over the top of various scenes depicting the things hes talking about.

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