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A family black comedy.

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It's alright. I was more into the simpson's as a real view in my mind of how family in reality really is even though it is a cartoon. I mean my father and mother are working class people totally different from a doctor and a lawyer. I'm not knocking the show I just thought jazz was old peoples music and bill cosby to me when I was small is old. Now I guess with getting older jazz has grown on to me kind of like an acquired taste.
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How'd you pull that off?
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Okay, so what is it?
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INT. Seymour Glass InstituteAfternoon
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Okay I and my squad members were out in some dystopia of a city or town. Were out on foot just trying to get a grip on the place. There's bullet flying pass, there's missiles launching, and then some insurgent throws this dirty bomb towards me. I didn't get a chance to get out of the way, I was just suck and then Gabriel shoot the guy between the eyes. Pulled me out of this rubble and we marched on with the rest of the squad.

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