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The Bastard Son of D.B. Cooper

The most notorious hijacker in American history just got more notoriouser! All those years, and Ralph Himmelsbach came up empty. Duane Weber? Richard McCoy Jr? WHO CARES! Where's the MONEY? Turns out, after all those years, the money has been accruing a generous interest that has finally paid off -- "Dan Cooper" is dead. The heir, and sole inheritor, of all that overseas-invested cash, is one "Dick Copper" now living in the San Francisco Bay area, working as a clam chowder server at the Harbor. Little does Dick know, his life is about to turn a 180... well, a 150 at least. When Dick learns of his new-found wealth, a world of opportunities opens to him... but the question that he's been avoiding for nearly four decades surfaces again and again: "Who is Dick Copper?"

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