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A woman during the 1870 by the name is Chandara Soponchneda Bopa Devi became a witch through an awful execution from her husband. So it stayed in her blood and went from her kids and been staying in the family line only girls. Now it is 2010 her great great great granddaughter in her teenage years in high school figures out she is a witch like her mother. So there on she been haunting for fresh raw meat to devour on. 4 tourist from another state came over to check out the school for a few weeks ands goes into all this nightmare.

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Sovannary: I don't know but I heard that some people saw you and your sister last night and saw blood everywhere on your face.
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[anourth has been beheaded and chenda was put to be burn. while waiting to be burn Chenda overheard young girls talking about there is a girl by the name of Daow that looks like Chenda. So Chenda starts chanting to send her spirit to Daows body. Once the spirit is in Daows body Daow chants on making Chenda revengeful spirit to come in the later future in Daow's great great great granddaughters.]
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Devin: Yes i do!! ive heard a story about these kind of witches. Its a Cambodian folklore but i thought it was fiction but i thought wrong.
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[Chandara Sooponchenda Bopa Devi is just barely coming out of school and heads to some bushes outside of school and she is spotted by Jayavaramin Sihanak Chomthoong.]

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